Conditions of Sale, Delivery, and Payment

0,03 Mb

DERIX Airjet Cleaner

1,26 Mb

DERIX-Auto Detection

0,00 Mb

DERIX Carbo Detection

2,12 Mb

Flat Weaving Reeds

0,00 Mb

Flat Steel Healds

0,00 Mb

Integrated Harness Frames

0,00 Mb

Warp Stop Motion

1,02 Mb

Drop Wires

0,32 Mb

Profiled Weaving Reeds

0,00 Mb

Riderless Harness Frames

0,00 Mb

Harness Frames With Slide Hooks

0,00 Mb

Twin Wire Healds

0,00 Mb

Weaving Preparation

0,00 Mb

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