Harness Frames

Integrated Light Metal Harness Frames

Integrated Light Metal Harness Frames are arranged in a way that the heddle rods are riveted directly with the light metal profile. All integrated DERIX profiles are manufactured from oxidized aluminium AlMgSi07 F 27-30.
In order to reduce the noise emission of the frames all profiles are offered in a sound insulated execution.
Depending on the mechanical load all harness frames are invidually laid out, constructed, and manufactured according to the requirements of the customer.

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Riderless Harness Frames

Riderless Harness Frames with separate rod supports can be offered in two different versions.

Harness Frames according to system 2000 are extremely durable due to the rigid connection of heddle rod, rod support, and aluminium profile. Besides simple handling this guarantees a high durability

Harness Frames according to system 2500 are considered as durable and field-proven type which allows an easy exchange of the heddle rods. The system guarantees a low noise running and a high durability even under the heaviest conditions. System 2500 is excellently qualified to be used for leno-harnesses. For noise reduction all profiles are filled with special absorption foam.

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SULZER Harness Frames

Harness frames for shuttle looms are manufactured as a combination of an upper aluminium shaftledge and a bottom steel profile.

DERIX offers harness frames for all shuttle looms up to a standard working width of 220". The extra sturdy execution of the harness frames guarantees due to its high rigidity highest mechanical stability, a long durability, and a silent machine run.

The simple construction of all piece parts has proved in all areas of weaving technology and guarantees a safe machine operation.

DERIX harness frames are compatible to all drawing-in machines from STÄUBLI, VEGA, and REED CHATWOOD.

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Harness Frames For Heavy Cloth

Especially for the production of heavy cloth DERIX developed in cooperation with all well-known machine manufacturers different aluminium profiles. Depending on load and application various types of sliders are on offer.
Harness frames for heavy cloth are sucessfully used worldwide for the processing of,

  • wire cloth
  • carpets
  • felts
  • filter cloth
  • multi-layer fabrics.

The solid construction of the harness frames with a durable corner connection and very sturdy centre stays guarantees a smooth machine run and a minor wear of the shed opening unit.

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