CRP Heddle frame

... high strenght for high speed weaving machines

CRP Heddle Frames

In close cooperation with machine manufacturers, users and suppliers of profiles, Derix has succeeded in developing a high performance weaving frame.
Its hybrid construction sets new standards.
The combination of proven functional elements with high tensile carbon reinforced materials enables producing light weight heddle frames.
Unidirectional oriented carbon fibers guarantee a
high rigidity of the profile.
The heald carrying rods are fixed to the carbon
profile by a specially developed bonding technique.
With the support of modern manufacturing
processes the lateral supports are connected precisely, as well as the driving elements, via aluminum inlays at the end of the profile.
This construction combines easy handling during warp preparation with high dynamic resilience
during weaving process.
All kind of standard heddles are reliably and easily applicable to the frames in drawing in machines.

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