Flat Steel Heddles

DERIX Flat Steel Healds meet highest quality standards. They are made from high-grade carbon steel or stainless steel. The friction between heald and thread is reduced to a minimum by a careful special surface treatment.

Depending on the warp thread material DERIX offers zinc plated, nickel plated, or stainless flat steel heddles.

For every fibre material the matching heddle.

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Reeds for weaving preparation

DERIX produces as reeds for the weaving preparation,

  • cross and leasing reeds
  • warping reeds
  • hook reeds
  • expansion combs
  • thread guiding combs
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Profiled Weaving Reeds

DERIX has been one of the first reed manufacturers to produce tunnel reeds with the original DURAFLEX process. Due to highest quality standards and the constantly increasing loom speeds DERIX profiled reeds guarantee still today to satisfy the industrial needs of,
                . stability
                . durability
                . saving energy costs.
Yet, DERIX does not only produce standard weaving reeds but enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide in the production of high-quality special reeds for technical fabrics.

DURAFLEX Weaving Reeds for Pile Fabrics
By the constant development of angled reeds DERIX also gained an outstanding reputation worldwide for the production of pile fabrics for,
                . clothing
                . upholstery
                . technical pile fabrics.
DERIX angled reeds can be applied to all state-of-the-art pile fabric looms such as VAN DE WIELE and PICANOL/GÜNNE etc. The reed dents are manufactured of hard stainless steel. Either punched or bent in a special method without temperature load they guarantee an optimal mechanical strength also with extreme reed height.

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are made by DERIX in all required executions and dimensions for any type of loom. Depending on application and customer's requirements reed dents in regular or hardened quality, in carbon steel or stainless steel execution are used.

Beside standard reeds DERIX manufactures all special forms,

  • Double reeds
  • Rucksack reeds
  • Heavy carpet reeds
  • Reeds for wire fabrics
  • ZigZag (grooved) reeds.
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