Warp Stop Motions

.... reliable detection of yarn breakage

DERIX Rota Stop (D-RS)

The new D-RS Rota Stop from DERIX is a mechanical System wich is mounted beneath the warp in the back shed.

A rotating comb separates the brocken yarn from the warp, wich is caught by a brush and wounded up by the Rotary Motion.

  • Contactless Monitoring
  • Low set-up effort and no costly frop wire draw-in
  • Applicable to machine control
  • short time of reaction
     Video D-RS on weaving machine        


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Warp Stop Motions

DERIX Warp Stop Motions are characterized by a very stable and extremely durable construction. DERIX guarantees,

  • stainless, durably isolated contact bars
  • highest surface quality of all thread guiding elements
  • gently working retaining device
  • special fitting for low space application by compact construction
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DERIX Carbo-Detection (DCD)

For the production of technical fabrics DERIX developed a special warp stop motion system for the processing of electrically conducting warp threads.

In case of a conventional contact bar electrically conductive fibre particles bridge the U-shaped outside bar and the inner isolated bar. By current false disconnection the machine switches off.

By the DCD system the inside bar forms the first contact and an angled profile positioned below the second contact.

Weitere Informationen (PDF)
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